Law Offices of

Kristin M. Cano



General Counsel Services

•Part Time In-House Counsel Services

•Legal Advice to Senior Management and the  Board of Directors


•Strategic Planning for Company's Legal Needs


•Recommendation and Oversight of Outside Legal Service Providers


•Enterprise Risk Management

•Legal Resource Planning

•Advice for Day to Day Business Operations


•Business Insight Combined with Legal Skills

•Proactive Legal Services


•Corporate Governance


•Foreign Corrupt Practices Policy


•Draft and Review Contracts


•State Regulatory Matters


•Federal Regulatory Matters


•Compliance with S.E.C.  Laws and Regulations

•Global Joint Ventures and Contracts


•Labor Law Compliance


•Product Recall Protocol

•Corporate Ethics Policy

•Proprietary Information Agreements


•Employment Agreements


•Employee Non-Solicitation Agreements


•Stock Redemption


•Redemption Offerings

•Preferred Stock

•Preparation of Certificates of Determination

•Preparation of Certificates of Designation


•Employee Stock Option Plans


•Incentive Stock Option Plans


•Licensing Agreements

•Corporate Compliance Programs

•Intellectual Property Licensing




•Mergers, Acquisitions and Spin-offs


•Settlement Analysis


•Hiring and Termination


•Harassment and Discrimination Claims


•Employee Policy Manuals

•Consulting Agreements


Reseller and OEM Agreements