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            Our Fee Structure

Flexible and Cost Effective Fee Agreements


We structure Fee Agreements which are responsive to a client's needs and circumstances and we take pride in our flexiblity and innovation in devising Fee Agreements that are transparent and  without surprises.


Traditional Hourly Fee Agreements


The starting point for most of our clients is a traditional, hourly billing arrangement.  Our client pays for our services based on time spent and at a specified billing rate.  This type of agreement is preferred by clients that have unpredictable legal resource needs and want to engage our services  on an as-needed basis.


Retainer Based Fees


A Retainer based Fee Agreement is appropriate when our client has a consistent need for legal services.  The client pays a base monthly retainer to ensure our availability for an agreed upon time commitment and for a reduced hourly rate for any additional needed  legal services beyond the agreed time committment.  This arrangement is a true Retainer agreement:  the minimum monthly Retainer is paid whether the client uses the reserved time or not.


The Retainer Based Fee arrangement is particularly appropriate for companies that need part-time General Counsel Services or that have a consistent level of transactional activity, such as non-disclosure agreements, reseller agreements and other commercial transactions.



Fixed or Capped Fee Retainer Agreements


Certain projects are best undertaken on a fixed or capped fee basis. This type of fee arrangement gives the client certainty that there will not be cost overuns or add-ons. The type of projects best suited for this type of arrangement are Private Placement Memoranda,  Registration Statement preparation through first comment letter, commercial contracts, and preparation of incentive stock option plans, to name a few.



Contingent Fee Agreements


We generally handle Stock Broker FINRA Arbitrations pursuant to a modified contingent fee agreement.  We receive a  negotiated percentage of any recovery, exclusive of any attorneys fee award above damages, and are paid a true non-refundable retainer at the outset of the case for our agreement to accept and handle the case on a contingent fee basis. We also handle Stock Broker FINRA arbitrations on an hourly basis when requested by the client. When representing a Stock Broker in a FINRA arbitration, the fee is usually on an hourly basis.