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Kristin M. Cano

In-House Counsel Services

In House General Counsel Services for Start-ups, Small Businesses and Growing Companies

In House Counsel magazine described the growing trend for In House legal services:

"Even small businesses and start-ups that  may not have the need or financial resources for full-time in-house staff are finding ways to take their legal work out of the hands of outside law firms.  These companies are passing the work off to attorneys who have more of a vested interest in the business, such independent contractors who work for a daily rate of a flat fee.  The trend is being driven by law firm hourly rates,  which continue to increase year over year."

Kristin M. Cano has provided Part-time General Counsel legal services to California companies in various stages of growth, from start-up through emerging-growth.  Companies in these phases need general counsel services just as much as proven companies.  They face many of the same problems as larger seasoned companies but just on a smaller scale. The legal needs are the same and the budget is smaller.  To successfully navigate the growing pains,  these start-up to  emerging growth companies need competent legal guidance, of the same caliber as seasoned publicly traded companies. Ms. Cano provides such services on a true retainer basis.  For a flat monthly fee, Ms. Cano will reserve and make available to such companies  her services up to a  negotiated number of hours per month.